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Community Advisory Council (CAC)

Community Advisory Council (CAC)

The CAC shall consult, obtain and collect public input on matters of interest and concern to the community and will communicate the CAC’s recommendations with respect to such issues to Metro.  Issues may also be assigned to the CAC by Metro for its review, comment and recommendation.


On May 19, 1992, the governor signed AB 152 (Katz) into law. This act merged the Los Angeles County Transportation Commission and the Southern California Rapid Transit District and created Metro (Metro).

As part of AB 152, the MTA was to establish a “Citizens’ Advisory Council” whose “membership shall reflect a broad spectrum of interest and all geographic areas of the County”.

The Community Advisory Council or CAC is legislatively identified in Public Utility Code §13000 et seq. as the Citizens’ Advisory Council.

Appointments to the CAC:

Each member of the Metro Board of Directors shall nominate four public members to the CAC to serve at the pleasure of the appointing Board member.  There is no limit to the duration that a CAC Member may serve on the CAC.

The CAC Executive Committee typically meets the first Friday of every month.

The CAC General Assembly typically meets the Wednesday before the Board meeting of every month.

For questions on the CAC please call 213.922.1249.

*CAC membership is on a voluntary basis and serve at the pleasure of their appointing Metro Board Director. Members may be deemed eligible to receive compensation for serving on the council.

 CAC Bylaws

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Telephone: 213.922.1249

Mailing Address:
Los Angeles County Metropolitan Transportation Authority
Metro CAC
One Gateway Plaza
Mail Stop: 99-13-1
Los Angeles, CA 90012-2952

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