Regular Ride
Senior 62+ / Medicare / Customer with Disability
$.75 peak
$.35 off-peak
K-12 and Community College Students
Free with GoPass
Low Income (LIFE)
20 Free rides/mo

Accessibility on Metro

Accessibility on Metro

Metro strives to ensure that its services (including over 200 bus and rail routes) are fully accessible to all of our customers, including those with disabilities. 

2023 Aging and Disability Transportation (ADT) Report for Older Adults and Persons with Disability: Please provide your feedback.

Why your feedback is important: 

Today about 35% of people 65 or older have a disability. By 2030 one out of every five Angelenos is anticipated to be an older adult. Notably, people over age 85 will increase much faster than those over age 60.

Metro and The Aging and Disability Transportation Network (ADTN) are seeking your innovative ideas regarding how Metro can better accommodate Older Adults and Persons with Disability.

Please provide your ideas below in the survey below.

What are your innovative ideas for Metro? 

3 ways to provide your feedback:

1) Fill out the Aging and Disability Transportation (ADT) Customer Feedback Survey. (See below)

2) Email your innovative ideas to Accessibility@metro.net .

3) Call the Accessibility Line: 213-922-6919 and leave a message with your innovative ideas. 

Metro is planning to hold an Aging and Disability Transportation Summit Wednesday, November 15th at 1pm. The summit is an opportunity for participants to collaborate and brainstorm ideas that support Metro’s efforts to continue to build an inclusive and equitable transit system. Please provide your email address for a direct invitation with all details. Your email address will not be used for other purposes. 

ADTN Customer Feedback Survey

Los Angeles Metro Aging and Disability Transportation Network (ADTN)

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