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Metro Transit Court

Metro Transit Court

Pay your transit or parking violation, reduce your penalty and learn more about contesting a violation.


Metro Transit Court collects payments and processes appeals for Transit and Parking violations issued by LA Metro in accordance with Metro’s Customer Code of Conduct and Parking Ordinance. Transit Court offers payment options and a structured appeals process. These services may be completed online, over the phone, by mail, or in person. 

Transit and Parking Violations

We offer multiple methods of paying your Parking or Transit violation. Payments made online or over the phone are reflected in our system immediately.

Visit our online violation payment system.

By Mail
Metro Transit Court
P.O. Box 866015
Los Angeles, CA 90086-6015

Make check or money order payable to Metro Transit Court and write violation number on check or money order. DO NOT SEND CASH.

In person 
Metro Headquarters (Limited Hours)
One Gateway Plaza
Plaza Level
Los Angeles, CA 90012

Hours: Monday – Thursday 9am – 3pm

Friday – Closed

213.92COURT (213.922.6878)

Payment Plans
You may qualify for a payment plan to pay off your Transit or Parking violation in monthly installments. You must apply for a payment plan within 60 calendar days of the violation date, or 10 days after the administrative hearing determination, whichever is later. If you apply past this date, you may be ineligible for a payment plan.

Transit Violation
First installment: 30% of total amount
Second installment: 35% of the total amount after 30 days
Final installment: 35% of total amount after 60 days.

Parking Violation
Monthly installments of $25 per month, with payment completion within 18 months.

There is no prepayment penalty for paying off the entire balance prior to the payment period expiring. Late fees and penalty assessments will be waived upon enrollment, but they may be reinstated if the payment plan is defaulted.


To apply for a payment plan, fill out the Inability to Pay Waiver and submit to Metro Transit Court.


Community Service for Transit AND Parking violations

You may qualify for community service in lieu of paying your fine. Community service is administered through an outside agency (Assistance League of Los Angeles) that works with over 100 non-profit organizations and government agencies throughout Los Angeles County. The service can vary from street clean up to clerical duties. You will be responsible for enrollment and paying a registration fee, which covers office operations, staffing and insurance to the outside agency.  Transit Court is not responsible for the administrative costs associated with the Assistance League of Los Angeles.


Violations under $75 will be assigned five hours of community service, which does not include enrollment and travel times. Community service may only be completed once in any 12-month period. Late fees and penalty assessments will be waived upon enrollment, but they may be reinstated if the payment plan is defaulted.


As part of the community service requirement Transit violations must also complete Transit School.


To qualify for community service, complete the Declaration of Inability to Pay Waiver within 90 days of violation issuance and submit to Transit Court.

Eligible Transit violations that start with the letter “T” may complete Transit School for a fine reduction of $50. Transit school is an online video tutorial based on Metro’s Customer Code of Conduct and may be accessed through our payment portal. To be eligible for a penalty reduction, you must complete Transit School prior to any second-level administrative hearing. You may apply your Certificate of Completion to reduce a Transit Violation penalty only once in a 12-month period. Transit School is not available for Parking violations.

To verify if you are eligible for Transit School or to complete the tutorial, please follow these steps.

  1. Visit our online violation payment system here, enter your violation number, and click submit.
  2. Click Transit School at the bottom of the following page.
  3. Complete the online video tutorial.
  4. Once you have successfully completed the tutorial, submit the certificate of completion to Transit Court.

Transit Court is responsible for processing appeals for Transit and Parking violations. The three levels that make up the appeal process are the following.

  1. Initial Review
  2. Administrative Hearing
  3. Appeal Through the Superior Court

1. Initial Review – 1st Level An Initial Review evaluates the validity of your ticket based on the date, time, and location of the issuance. If you received a Transit or Parking violation and would like to contest it, you have 21 days from the date the violation was issued or 14 days from the mailing of the Delinquent Parking Violation Notice (Parking Violations Only) to submit an Initial Review request. 

To submit an online Initial Review request, please click here. To request an Initial Review by mail, please fill out the reverse side of Delinquent Violation notice and attach a written statement and supporting evidence as to why you believe the violation was issued in error. Materials submitted for review will not be returned. Transit Court will evaluate the details of your violation and will render one of the following decisions.

  1. The violation is determined to be invalid and will be dismissed.
  2. The violation was determined to be valid and will be upheld.

You will be notified about the decision via mail correspondence. If you are not satisfied with the results of the Initial Review, an Administrative Hearing may be requested.

2. Administrative Hearing – 2nd Level

Transit and Parking violations must go through an Initial Review prior to any administrative hearing. An Administrative Hearing allows you to dispute your violation with a Hearing Officer via written declaration or an in-person hearing. A virtual hearing may be granted upon request. To request a virtual hearing, please contact Transit Court. During an Administrative Hearing, statements and evidence provided will be used to determine whether you are Liable or Not Liable for the violation.

Administrative Hearings requests must be made within 21 days of the date the decision was reached on your initial review or else your Initial Review result becomes final. Unlike the Initial Review, state law requires you to pay in advance all fines that are owed on the violation before you can request Administrative Hearing. If you are unable to pay the fines in advance you must complete a Declaration of Inability to Pay waiver and submit to Transit Court.

Requesting an Administrative Hearing

To request an Administrative Hearing, complete the Administrative Hearing Request and send to Transit Court. The form can be located on the reverse side of your Initial Review results decision letter or can be downloaded here. Please be sure to indicate if you would like a hearing via written declaration or in-person. Payment or Declaration of Inability to Pay Waiver must be received within 21 days from the date of your Initial Review response letter. 

If you request an in-person Administrative Hearing, you will receive a written notice indicating the date and time of your hearing. If you require an interpreter, please indicate what language is needed on the Administrative Hearing Request form one will be provided at no cost to you. If you cannot attend your in-person hearing, you must contact Transit Court to reschedule no later than 2 working days prior to the date of the hearing. If you do not attend your scheduled in-person hearing, you will be declared to have “Failed to Appear” and you will have no further right to appeal. If you request a hearing via written declaration, make sure to include a written statement and evidence to support your claims.



 A Hearing Officer will evaluate each case and will render a decision. 

  1. Liable
  2. Not Liable

If you are found to be Not Liable and a payment has been made, then Transit Court will refund your payment but only if you have no other outstanding violations.

3. Appealing the Administrative Hearing – 3rd Level

If you are not satisfied with the Hearing Officer’s decision, you may further contest the violation by appeal through the Superior Court. You cannot appeal a violation if you have not first obtained the results from your Initial Review and your Administrative Hearing. Both must be performed before you can appeal the violation. Furthermore, appeals must be requested within 30 days from the date of the Administrative Hearing decision. The trial in Superior Court is a trial de novo – it is conducted without regard to the findings made at the previous reviews. To file for an appeal, you must do so in person at the Superior Court. A $25 filing fee must be submitted to the court for each violation that you are appealing.


Other Violations

Metro Transit Court does not have information regarding Toll Evasion and Red Light Camera Violations. To pay or appeal these Violations, please see the contact information below.

Toll Evasion ViolationsMetroexpresslanes.net877.812.0022

Red Light Camera ViolationsLacourt.org/division/traffic/traffic2.aspx213.633.6300

Contact Us

Metro Transit Court

By mail: 
P.O. Box 866015
Los Angeles, CA 90086-6015
In person:
Metro Headquarters (Limited Hours)
One Gateway Plaza
Plaza Level
Los Angeles, CA 90012
Hours: Monday – Thursday 9am – 3pm
Friday – Closed


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