Regular Ride
Senior 62+ / Medicare / Customer with Disability
$.75 peak
$.35 off-peak
K-12 and Community College Students
Free with GoPass
Low Income (LIFE)
20 Free rides/mo



Office of the CEO

Office of the CEO information
Stephanie N. Wiggins, Chief Executive Officer
Sharon Gookin, Deputy Chief Executive Officer
Nicole Englund, Chief of Staff
Elba Higueros, Deputy Chief of Staff

Board Appointed Officers

Metro Los Angeles Board Appointed Officers.
Karen Gorman, Inspector General
Paul Solis, Chief Ethics Officer
Charles Safer, Assistant County Counsel
Collette Langston, Board Clerk

Chief of Staff Office

Reviews, evaluates and reports on the agency’s finances, operations and procedures.
Alfred Rodas, Senior Director – Audit
Lauren Choi, Senior Director - Audit (Interim)

Customer Experience

Oversees Metro's Community Relations, Customer Programs & Services, Customer Relations, Government Relations, Marketing and Public Relations.
Jennifer Vides, Chief Customer Experience Officer
Yvette Rapose, Deputy Chief Communications Officer
Monica Bouldin, Deputy Chief, Customer Experience
Glen Becerra, Executive Officer – Marketing
Vanessa Smith, Executive Officer – Customer Care
Anthony Crump, Deputy Executive Officer – Community Relations
Maya Emsden, Executive Officer – Art Asset Management & Cultural Programming (Interim)

Congestion Reduction

Focuses on reducing traffic congestion in Los Angeles County.
Shahrzad Amiri, Executive Officer – Congestion Reduction Programs
Kenneth Coleman, Deputy Executive Officer – Congestion Reduction Programs

Countywide Planning & Development

Administers and coordinates transportation service and infrastructure improvements throughout Los Angeles County.
James de la Loza, Chief Planning Officer – Countywide Planning & Development
Ray Sosa, Deputy Chief Planning Officer – Countywide Planning & Development
David Mieger, Senior Executive Officer – Mobility Corridors & Technical Services
Laurie Lombardi, Senior Executive Officer – Strategic Financial Planning & Grants Management
Holly Rockwell, Senior Executive Officer – Transit Oriented Communities & Real Estate
Avital Barnea, Senior Executive Officer – Multimodal Integrated Planning


Administers Metro's budget and oversees the financial management of its transit-oriented operations and activities.
Nalini Ahuja, Chief Financial Officer
Melissa Wang, Deputy Chief Financial Officer (Interim) – Finance (OMB)
Perry Blake, Senior Executive Officer – Finance (OMB)
Irene Fine, Senior Executive Officer – Finance (OMB)
Anelli-Michelle Navarro, Senior Executive Officer – Finance (OMB)
Jesse Soto, Senior Executive Officer - Finance (Accounting)
David Sutton, Senior Executive Officer – Finance (TAP)
Mary Morgan, Deputy Executive Officer – Finance (Treasury)
Rodney Johnson, Deputy Executive Officer – Finance (Treasury)

Human Capital & Development

Responsibilities include the oversight of collective bargaining and contract administration, as well as independent group employee relations issues.
Seleta Reynolds, Chief People Officer (Interim)
Cristian Leiva, Deputy Chief People Officer
Mary Hao, Deputy Chief People Officer
Donald Howey, Executive Officer – Administration
Sandra Blanco-Sanchez, Deputy Executive Officer – Human Resources
Marion Colston, Deputy Executive Officer – Human Resources (Interim)
Maria Meleandez, Deputy Executive Officer – Human Resources
Janice Olsen, Deputy Executive Officer – Human Resources (Interim)

Information & Technology Services

Manages and maintains Metro's extensive internal and external computer and telecommunications network as well as Metro’s application portfolio.
Bryan M. Sastokas, Deputy Chief Information Technology Officer
Joseph Giba, Executive Officer – Information Technology Operations & Service Delivery
Patrick Astredo, Executive Officer – Business Application Services
Vincent Tee, Executive Officer – Enterprise Architecture & Tech Integration
Medik Ghazikhanian, Executive Officer – Center of Excellence

Office of Strategic Innovation

Identifies, evaluates, tests and implements leading-edge ideas to improve regional mobility, from public private capital partnerships to new technologies.
Seleta Reynolds, Chief Innovation Officer

Program Management

Provides the engineering and oversight of major construction projects, as well as improvements to Metro rail facilities.
Sameh Ghaly, Chief Program Management Officer (Interim)
Mat Antonelli, Deputy Chief Program Management Officer – Major Projects
Timothy Lindholm, Deputy Chief Program Management Officer (Interim) – Alternative Delivery/Construction Management
Kathy Knox, Senior Executive Officer, Project Management Oversight – Finance & Administration
Julie Owen, Senior Executive Officer, Project Management Oversight – Program Control
James J. Cohen, Senior Executive Officer, Program Management (Interim) – Westside Purple Line Extension 1
Michael McKenna, Senior Executive Officer, Project Management (Interim) – Westside Purple Line Extension 2
Kimberly Ong, Senior Executive Officer, Project Management (Interim) – Westside Purple Line Extension 3
Michael Ratnasingham, Senior Executive Officer, Project Management – Systems Engineering
Androush Danielians, Senior Executive Officer, Project Management – Project Engineering
Eduardo Cervantes, Executive Officer, Projects Engineering – Third Party Coordination
Camelia Davis, Executive Officer, Projects Engineering - Quality Assurance & Compliance
Tom Kefalas, Executive Officer, Projects Engineering – Program Management/Environmental Services
Brian Balderrama, Deputy Executive Officer, Project Management – Program Management/Regional Rail

Risk, Safety & Asset Management

Protects public assets by identifying, evaluating and responding to risk exposures.
Kenneth Hernandez, Deputy Chief Risk Safety & Asset Management Officer
Vijay Khawani, Senior Executive Officer – Corporate Safety
Claudia Castillo del Muro, Executive Officer – Risk Management
Denise Longley, Executive Officer – Asset Management

System Security and Law Enforcement

Oversees the activities of the multi-policing model inclusive of Metro Transit Security Officers and contract security personnel. Metro’s law enforcement model includes the Los Angeles Police Department, Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Department and Long Beach Police Department.
Gina Osborn, Chief Safety Officer
Ruben Lechuga, Executive Officer – Transit Security & Compliance
William Peterson, Deputy Executive Officer – Physical Security & Special Projects
Robert Gummer, Deputy Executive Officer – Analytics, Emergency Management & Security Operations Center
Aldon Bordenave, Senior Director – Emergency Management
Nancy Felix, Senior Director – Transit Security

Transit Operations

Operations is responsible for delivering bus and rail transportation service to our customers that is safe, on-time, reliable, and clean.
Conan Cheung, Chief Operations Officer
Edna Stanley, Deputy Chief Operations Officer – Transit Service Delivery
Shahrzad Amiri, Deputy Chief Operations Officer – Shared Mobility
Errol Taylor, Deputy Chief Operations Officer – Infrastructure Maintenance & Engineering
Jesus Montes, Senior Executive Officer – Vehicle Acquisition
James Pachan, Senior Executive Officer– Bus Maintenance
Bob Spadafora, Senior Executive Officer – Rail Fleet Services
Quintin Sumabat, Executive Officer – Grants and Capital Projects
Diane Corral-Lopez, Executive Officer – Operations Administration
Joseph Forgiarini, Senior Executive Officer – Service Development, Scheduling & Analysis
Dan Nguyen, Executive Officer – Strategic Initiatives and MicroTransit
Hector Guerrero, Executive Officer – Rail Operations (Interim)
Roman Alarcon, Senior Executive Officer – Rail Operations
Diane Frazier, Senior Executive Officer – Transportation

Vendor/Contract Management

Develops and maintains professional relationships with those doing business with or desiring to do business with the agency.
Debra Avila, Deputy Chief Vendor / Contract Management Officer
Miguel Cabral, Senior Executive Officer – Diversity & Economic Opportunity
Carolina Coppolo, Senior Executive Officer – Vendor / Contract Management
Dr. Irma L. Licea, Executive Officer – Vendor/Contract Management Support Services
Selena Landero, Executive Officer – Supply Chain/Logistics
Ivan Page, Executive Officer – Vendor / Contract Management
Tashai Smith, Executive Officer – Diversity & Economic Opportunity
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