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LA Metro Transit Watch app

LA Metro Transit Watch app

See or experience something that needs our attention? The LA Metro Transit Watch app is a quick, easy and anonymous way for you to directly connect to Metro Security anytime. Use the app to report suspicious activity or safety issues.

Hands holding a mobile phone using the LA Metro Transit Watch app.

Use the app to contact Security


  • Use the app to contact Metro Security by text message or phone call
  • Submit a report and upload a photo
  • Metro Security is monitoring messages 24/7
  • Get push notifications with critical alerts from Metro
  • Spanish language support 

Get the app today

Let’s keep Metro safe for everyone.

Help us by reporting any safety issues by using the app, or call 888.950.SAFE or text 213.788.2777. 

Getting started, step by step

After you download the app to your phone, you can create an account (optional). Press “First time” to sign up and create an account password.


How to fill out a report about a non-emergency issue

Tell us about what you saw and heard, using each section in the app’s report form.

Details can help us move fast to identify and deal with an issue. Please provide:

WHO and WHAT: Describe the incident and/or person

WHERE: Indicate the location type (Bus, Rail, Station, Rapid Busway)


How to include a photo with your report

If you were able to take a picture, click on the button “Choose File,” and upload a photo from your Photo Library or choose “Take a Photo.”

LA Transit Watch app screenshot

Let us follow up with you or choose to submit anonymously

When you submit a report, you will have the option to submit it anonymously or you can provide us your contact information. We will contact you if there’s a need to follow up for more details that could help us address the issue.

LA Metro Transit Watch app screenshot

Download the LA Metro Transit Watch app now.

LA is better when we ride safely together.

Contact Us

Metro Security 

Call: 1.888.950.7233

Text: 213.788.2777

In case of emergency, call 911. 



Metro LEP information graphic including phone numbers (323-466-3876, ext 2) in various languages.

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