Active Transportation

Active transportation refers to human-powered methods of travel, such as walking, bicycling or rolling to get from one place to another. Everyone uses active transportation at some point in a trip, whether walking to a rail station, bicycling to work or rolling home from a bus stop.

What are the benefits of active transportation?

  • Safe places to walk, bike or travel by other human-powered means improves access to transit and provides more travel choices
  • Active transportation options can reduce transportation costs and support the local economy
  • Active transportation can reduce greenhouse gas emissions and traffic congestion
  • Active transportation improves public health by providing more opportunities for physical activity.

What is Metro doing to support active transportation?

Metro is currently working on a number of projects and programs to advance active transportation and provide more travel options throughout the county. These efforts correspond to one or more of the following areas in which Metro has an influence over active transportation: funding, policy and regional leadership, transit network planning and access improvements, and education and promotion.

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