Bus Rapid Transit

Bus Rapid Transit (BRT) is high-quality bus-based transit that provides fast, frequent service through bus only lanes, traffic-signal priority and high-quality stations with all-door boarding.

Metro’s vision for BRT

Metro’s vision for BRT in Los Angeles County is outlined in the BRT Vision & Principles Study Final Report, which also includes Metro’s BRT Design Guidelines with further reference on design details and features of Metro BRT projects.

BRT’s combination of bus speed improvements, operational enhancements and infrastructure creates a distinct mobility solution with many of the same benefits as light rail service, but is much less expensive and faster to build. Several BRT attributes also make it an attractive option for select corridors in LA County:

  • BRT standards and design guidelines are flexible to accommodate diverse needs of cities and transit operators in the region, without losing the overall customer benefits that distinguish BRT from regular bus service.
  • BRT leverages existing infrastructure by using streets and highways and does not require a separate right-of-way. If conditions change over time along a BRT route, routing can be adjusted.
  • BRT also offers a cost-effective way to provide mass transit. Even at the highest levels of infrastructure investment, BRT costs significantly less than both light and heavy rail options. Based on Metro BRT projects currently in development , as well as a review of recently constructed BRT lines around North America, the cost per mile for BRT implementation falls roughly within the following ranges:
$10-15 million/mile $25-30 million/mile $100+ million/mile
Approximately 20% of route has a dedicated running way, no or minimal right-of-way acquisition, no grade-separation At least 50% of route has a dedicated running way; no or minimal right-of-way acquisition, no grade-separation At least 80% of route has a dedicated running way; extensive right-of-way acquisition and/or grade-separation


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