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Early Project Delivery

Early Project Delivery

Metro has a plan to make it easier to get around LA. We’re transforming LA with $120 billion of transportation improvements over 40 years and, through the Early Project Delivery Strategy, we have identified transit projects that can be delivered faster than scheduled.

How are projects identified for Early Project Delivery?

The Metro Board of Directors approved the Early Project Delivery Strategy in November 2017 to help determine which transit projects could be completed faster than scheduled, without delaying other projects. The criteria used to identify these projects include funding, process, partnerships and innovations. The Board reviews and makes decisions about any opportunities to accelerate projects.

What is Twenty-eight by '28?

Related to the Early Project Delivery Strategy, the Metro Board of Directors has also adopted the Twenty-eight by ’28 Initiative for projects that could be completed in time for the 2028 Olympic and Paralympic Games. This initiative identifies projects already planned to be delivered by 2028, as well as projects with aspirational schedules that the board has highlighted, but not committed, for early project delivery. 

The adopted policy for Early Project Delivery applies prior to the board making any binding decision to accelerate a project earlier than scheduled in the Measure M Expenditure Plan. Not all Measure M investments scheduled for completion by 2028 are included in this list and inclusion on the list does not supersede any commitments made in the Measure M ordinance.

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