Regular Ride
Senior 62+ / Medicare / Customer with Disability
$.75 peak
$.35 off-peak
K-12 and Community College Students
Free with GoPass
Low Income (LIFE)
20 Free rides/mo



We’re integrating sustainability into every stage of our projects. Not only did Metro operationalize sustainability internally through a 2009 policy, we also created programs and resources to ensure everything we do meets our sustainability standards. It’s all a part of Metro’s plan to build better transit for all who live, work and play in LA.

What is Metro’s sustainability vision?

Every day is Earth Day at Metro. Since our Environmental Policy was adopted in 2009, sustainability is a part of everything we do.
Our commitment means we plan, partner, design, build, operate and maintain transit infrastructure to meet our current needs without compromising the future needs of LA. We continually integrate the principles of sustainability in all aspects of decision-making and execution. This includes seeking out and implementing innovative solutions to improve air quality, protect natural resources, reduce waste and create connected communities.
Our vision is to create an organizational culture and workforce that continually integrates the principles of sustainability into all aspects of decision-making and execution to enhance communities through mobility and access to opportunity.

How do we report on our progress?

Metro’s annual sustainability reporting provides data to inform decision-making in accordance with the American Public Transportation Association (APTA) standards. Metro’s work to advance environmental equity and efficient operations achieved notable improvements in the calendar year of 2019. As we continue to advance mobility, we’re also making contributions to improved air quality and public health, as well as reductions in water use and greenhouse gas emissions.
View the dashboard here.

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For information on Metro’s Sustainability Council, please visit our website:

Sustainability Council – LA Metro

Metro LEP information graphic including phone numbers (323-466-3876, ext 2) in various languages.

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