LA Metro

Regular Fare
one-way on bus or rail
Senior / Disabled Fare
$0.75 / $0.35
one-way on bus or rail
K-12 Student Fare
one-way on bus or rail


Customer Experience

Metro’s Customer Experience (CX) team takes an honest look at pain points that customers tell us about and proposes improvements that are responsive to their concerns. We randomly survey thousands of riders every year to obtain feedback on everything from cleanliness to security and reliability.

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Long Range Transportation Plan

The 2020 Long Range Transportation Plan (LRTP) provides a detailed roadmap for how Metro will plan, build, operate, maintain, and partner for improved mobility in the next 30 years.

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Metro Strategic Plan

Vision 2028 is our agency’s big picture strategic plan to improve mobility in LA County and explains what the public can expect from Metro through the year 2028. This is a bold and ambitious plan that intends to marshal the creativity, resources and political will to shape our mobility future and unleash LA County’s unparalleled economic and social promise.

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Moving Beyond Sustainability

Moving Beyond Sustainability (MBS) outlines a comprehensive sustainability strategy for the next decade to make Metro facilities greener, reduce air pollution and trash from construction and reduce smog and greenhouse gases across L.A. County.

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NextGen Bus Plan

The approved Bus Plan is a reimagined bus system that focuses on providing fast, frequent, reliable and accessible service to meet the needs of today’s riders.

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Recovery Task Force

Metro’s COVID-19 Recovery Task Force has released “A Path Forward,” their final report, completing the work begun in April of 2020.

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