Regular Ride
Senior 62+ / Medicare / Customer with Disability
$.75 peak
$.35 off-peak
K-12 and Community College Students
Free with GoPass
Low Income (LIFE)
20 Free rides/mo

UIK Carousel

Standard Promo Module

Promos should be timely and relevant to page the user is currently on. 

Featured Promo Module with Nested Carousels on Mobile

On desktop this carousel displays slides with 4 images per slide. On mobile the individual slides stack, and the first two individual slides are converted to carousels.

Merchant Promo Module

Promos should be timely and relevant to page the user is currently on. Use merch promos to highlight businesses. Keep headlines brief! Title may be the name of the business or Business name + available discount.

Related Module

Use after main section modules. Content should be timely and related to the page, encouraging further engagement and reasons to Go Metro. Consider including tags.

How To

Chunk Title is used when grouping items for the Promo 4-Up style, giving them a title that scrolls with the groups of four on desktop.

Title will be the biggest, boldest text

Tag is a little piece of text floating around the image that demonstrates

Description is the smaller, lighter text that describes the item being linked to

URL is where the item links to. Note you can click on the cog on the right of the field to change how the link acts.

Image is the imagery

Subtitle is used in some specific styles to add to the title with a different font

Date is used in some specific styles.

Bar Color is used on the merch style to display a colored bar above the content.

Display Style allows you to choose from different designs for displaying the data

Show Tag? allows you to hide the tag text from the card

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